Hello Fellow Movie Fanatics!!!!

I have written reviews of Horror and Exploitation Films for years, sometimes using pseudonyms, for various websites and magazines for years and decided to use this blog as a place to collect some of these reviews as well as write new ones!  Everyone who knows me calls me a “walking dictionary” of not only Pop Culture in general, but Horror / Exploitation / Grindhouse type of films in particular… so in connection with my radio show, Nightwatch, I thought I would start this blog to shine some light on movies you may have never heard of, and maybe warn you of a few others you might want to avoid.  Some of my reviews will be pretty straight forward, while others are more “tongue in cheek” depending on my mood when I write it… I normally like to write my reviews with a large amount of humor – so keep this in mind as you read them… anyone familiar with me from the radio show may be surprised at this side of me, while others will hear my voice right away as they read… The main thing is that this is all suppose to be fun… and like anything else, this is not the final word on any film, just one nerds opinion.

There are 3 different numbers under the films. The first one in is for gore amount on a scale from 1-10, the next one is for sleaze amount on a scale from 1-10, the last one tells you how good a movie is overall on a scale from 1-10.  Enjoy The Reviews!


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