Welcome to the wonderful world of Radio…

I truly love all that we have accomplished at Jackalope Radio. I love the station and I love how large it has grown. It all started with Nightwatch, my radio show that began almost 10 years ago… I didn’t even know how to do a show – but I was asked (and declined 4 times) so I started into the wild world of radio… Art Bell was a great help in those days as he really pushed me to do it!  Nightwatch grew and grew – gaining affiliate stations worldwide over the years until it was truly one of the first and largest shows of it’s kind produced.  As the show grew, so did the production needs and the guests and the old producer Juke had a few other businesses to run, including a full time band gig… so he decided to basically put his station on hold and when I was put in a position to produce my own show and things were winding down at my old station, I started up Jackalope Radio with some amazing people… at first we were just one in a thousand small internet stations, but now – things are NUTS. We have more original programming than darn near any station I can find, we have a huge archive section and we are doing over 3 terrabytes of downloads a month. The amount of traffic we get on the website blows me away – literally hundreds of thousands of people a week are listening to shows on Jackalope Radio worldwide.

My only complaint is that while we grow, I am still the main person and sometimes the only person doing the station duties. Amanda is a producer at the station as well, and she has been doing a few shows, but the majority is on my shoulders. This is where both my business law training and my years in school learning the ins and outs of psychology both come in handy. Now I am VERY glad to have the shows we have and I am not angry with anyone – but sometimes people act as if they are the only ones that I deal with. The reality is, we have over 40 shows in production, and I actually hands on produce over 50% of them, I edit them, I archive them, I upload and download files, I handle the website in every capacity…. the station takes about 50-60 hours a week. I do almost all the website graphics, I do promotional graphics for 85% of the shows, I handle promotion to over 60 forums and websites and I also keep as current as I can on our social media pages, promoting there too! The success is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for any reason… but I sure wish people would sometimes put themselves in the shoes of others.

This week alone, I have had one show host say she was having a crummy week and didn’t “feel” like doing a show as her heart wasn’t really into it this week. Another show host threatens to stop doing their show about twice a month for one reason or another. One show host had some business going on and a few personal matters back in August and September and then came back and did 3 shows between Sept and DEC. I finally said that we need to shit or get off the pot. LOL. He then resigned and said he was on hiatus and would contact me after the first of the year. Still waiting. Another show host had excuses every week why it couldn’t happen… I would go to the studio and wait and they would not show. I finally stopped it by saying that in 6 months we had 8 shows done. I liked her, but it was just not good for the station. She aid she would regroup and be back in October. Still waiting.

I have always said that at Jackalope Radio, we are all family and I want people to leave the ego at the door. I mean it. A few hosts have had ego problems… most of them don’t make it long as I cut them loose fast. A couple I still have and I am trying hard to deal with “diva” like attitudes. This is one area that I am the most impatient and I really don’t play well with ego maniacs.

But the good news is that the MAJORITY of the show hosts on the network are amazing. We all interact like I want – like a tight family business. We work together and co-promote things and have each other’s backs. And when it works right – this is an amazing business to be in. The stress is high, the workload is never ending – but I love it…. even on bad days.

Thanks to Amanda for the great Production work she IS able to do, to Cassandra for saving me every week and handling the iTunes, for all the amazing shows and hosts who work so hard and love what they do, and for the hours each week we all work so damned hard to entertain people. None of us take a salary yet, and the station runs about 800 or so dollars a month in bills… mostly out of my pocket. On top of that the licensing fees and everything else do get overwhelming…. so Thanks to everyone who lends a hand – I couldn’t do any of this without you!

I just hope more people will learn to look at the big picture, put themselves in another person’s shoes for a bit – and see how it all works…. this is just the beginning of something very huge!